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What We Do

Door to Door Courier Services

We are able to cover the entire country within 24 hours; under the present arrangements delivering your packets, parcels and letters.

Our proof of delivery (POD),is later submitted on request. On forwarding deliveries; this may take up to 36 hours depending on some very difficult terrains which are easily understood by our clients, because they would have been charged extra for the delivery. We are open for business from Monday through Friday but urgent pick-ups and deliveries are consummated on weekends. Our business telephone line is opened 24/7 and can be reached from all over the world. It is usuallymanned by our highest officer in the company.

Same day Pick-up and delivery

We undertake a same day delivery service for local mails within the metropolitan Lagos.

Timed Pickups and deliveries as required by our clients within our locations for items like

A). Medical items
B). Communication equipments
C). Spare pats
D). Parcels
E). Documents
F). Online shopping deliveries i.e courier agents to online merchants

National NextDay Deliveries

All items collected by or before 11.30a.m are delivered the next day anywhere in NIgeria except for on forwarding locations due to the terrains.

Mailroom Services

We undertake the running of your mailroom; collecting and delivering your mails, parcels, etc within your offices and outside it. We can operate on a spot for this purpose in a place you may have identified for this purpose. We push motor-bikes for timed pickup and deliveries. Every departmental units are kept on stream.
The need for mailroom services cannot be over emphasized. What with advancement in technology that has made the business environment global. Fast turn-around time has become imperative becasue of global competition. Hence there is a need for concentrations on business core activities whilst non-core involvment (mailing) are farmed out. This enables organizations to be proactive and be on top of changes that may likely affect their operations.

Bulk Mailing

We undertake bulk mailing in partnership with the General Post Office. We sort your bulk mails and deliver to the nearest post office of the addressee wherever it is located in Nigeria. This of course facilitates the delivery. Since many of our clients provide metering in their offices this becomes very smooth to operate. In case of need specified by our client; about 200mails can be handled within.


We operate adequate warehouse, wherever we are located in case of need.

International Mails

We handle international inward and outbound mails through our foreign partners in London. Items delivered and picked up these can be repacked by our associate and delivered to wherever the item is intended to go to in Nigeria.